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The New magnum Cider

Cheap Cider Kits to Make 40 Pints

Homebrew cider! You'd never believe it was so good! Makes a farmhouse type cider in about two weeks. Tasty and good! Cheap too at our discounted prices!!

Yes!! Magnum cider kits! You thought it couldn't get any better and it did!

The new Magnum Cider Kit-- 40 pints of Magnum homebrew cider and at a bargain price


Magnum Cider 40 pints

Yep! 40 pints of the best cider you can make.

The best apples are chosen to make Magnum cider and it shows in the taste! Try and see!

And of course it's at a discount price!

Elderflower Cider 40 Pint

A top quality cider extract with a sachet of Elderflower extract.

It gives a flowery bouquet, in the UK the old country cider makers knew the secret of adding a few elderflowers, it was lost in time.

Now you can follow this old tradition, you can control the amount of extract you add to suit the flavour to your own taste!

Pear Cider 40 Pint

Made with pear juice of course! The French have always made a fantastic pear cider, the UK version was known as Perry and suffered a bit!

This is like the excellent Normandy Pear ciders and is a classic

Strawberry Cider 40 pints

40 pints of homebrew cider with a hint of strawberries - lovely mate!