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Everything you need!

Accessory Page

All the equipment you'll ever need! All at bulk prices!If you don't see what you need please ask, we proabably have in our warehouse

Here's the chance to save even more by buying bulk!


Special! If you buy seven you get an extra three free! 10 for the price of 7!
Bubbler type airlock

30 Bottle Fermenter with airlock and bung

Complete with airlock,

These are great value , ideal for fermenting any 30 bottle or 5 gallon kit.

VWP Steriliser 100gram

Cleaner and steriliser- This is the 100g size,  made by VWP , Cheapest steriliser you can buy, good quality too.

Ritchie Streriliser 500g

500g steriliser same as the old Bruclens but made by someone else! Now double strength

Syphon Tube

Free syphon tap with this tube!
1.5 metres of flexible tube and a dip tube. The tube is stopped at the end so it acts like the old U tube to prevent sediment from being disturbed.

Corking Tool

Free pack of 30 corks with this machine!
Twin Handled Corker, makes life easy!

Wine Bottle Corks

Pack of 30 corks

Plastic Demi John

Free bubbler airlock with this demi john!

A tough plastic demi john, almost impossible to break.

A soft plastic grommet in the top takes an airlock so you don't need a bung

Syphon Tap

Inline tap that makes filling bottles a lot easier!

Fits the standard syphon tube

Campden Tablets pack of approx 100