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Mondego Wine Kits!

Mondego Reserve 30 bottle wine kits

Mondego wine kits, brought out to compete with Magnum

We'll still sell them cheap though!! All at the best price! As you know everything we sell is at a bargain price and these Mondego wine kits are no exception Need 3 kg of sugar to make them

Mondego 1.7kg contain everything but the sugar needed to make 30 bottles of classic wine at an  economical price Made by Muntons

Cedars maltings, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 2AG.  They make them, we sell them! Mondego, homebrew wines!


Mondego Medium Dry Red Wine Kit - 30 Bottle

30 bottles of red wine - From European grapes and formulated to ferment out fast and clean.  A nice full bodied home made wine, homebrew gets better all the time and this is a good one!
Mondego wine kits at a bargain price, we spoil you!!

Mondego Medium Dry White - 30 Bottle

30 Bottles of classic white wine. Another lovely home made wine, 30 bottles of a French style white.
Cheap Mondego white wine! 30 bottles at a bargain price, look no further!! We are here!!

Mondego Medium Dry Rose Reserve 30 Bottle Rose

Rose, full bodied and tasty. Made by Muntons. Just like a famous Portugese rose! And a fraction of the price

The classic Mondego Rose. And, as it's from Supahomebrew you know its a good price!