Muntons Fruit Wines

(Essential) Muntons Country fruit wines

These are made by Vina, They've been called Basic, Vina and Essential but they're all made to same recipes!

The cheapest in the UK!!  Bargain Price!!

Delicious as a long summer drink with ice or just on their own!

These have been called Basic, Vina, Brewmaker and Budget! They're all the same kits! And all made to the same delicious recipes!

Try them with as long drink with plenty of ice or just on their own!



They're now called Muntons Country Wine kIts or definitive!


Same kit but a different name


Muntons Country Wine 6 Bottle Blackberry

The taste of the English summer, six bottles of fruity red.

Muntons Country Wine 6 Bottle Elderflower

One of the great traditional flower wines.

Six bottles of white

Muntons Country Wine 6 Bottle Bilberry

Definitive Peach Six Bottle White

Six bottles of nice white wine! And as always with us a discount price!

Peach, sometimes known as peach cream. Gorgeous with ice cream!

Definitive Plum Six Bottle Rose

A light red in colour, six bottles of plummy wine!

The Cheapest plum wine kit or we'll refund the difference!

Definitive 6 Bottle Black Cherry

Six bottles of Black Cherry wine giving a full bodied red. Perfect with Black Forest Gateaux! Or with anything!

Definitive Gooseberry Six Bottle

Six bottles of White. Refreshing with a clean palate, it's always a favourite with the country winemakers