Cheap Geordie Homebrew Beer Kits

Geordie Beer kits, the full range and all discounted. Homebrew at the supermarket price and delivered to your door

We know about homebrew, we'll sort out any problems and answer questions! You get your beer at supermarket prices but we know about homebrew! It's a win win situation! And we deliver it! We love Geordie beer kits. And we're good on price. And we deliver fast! What moe do you want?

Geordie Lager 40 Pint

Geordie homebrew  lager kit  --Budget price on a great kit

The best selling beer kits in the UK at a bargain price. Geordie, been around for years and the quality is as good as ever!

Geordie Bitter Kit 40 Pint

Yep, cheap Geordie bitter! All with full date codes and it's the genuine product from the Geordie factory! But, it's at a great price!
The fabulous Geordie bitter at a great price. Full bodied and malty, a full 40 pints of Geordie!

Geordie Yorkshire Bitter

The full range of Geordie and all at bargain prices! This is the Yorkshire, full bodied and malty>
A bit like Tetleys used to be! A nice full flavoured beer , 40 pints of Geordie Yorkshire bitter!

Geordie Scottish Export Bitter 40 Pint

The famous Geordie in a Scottish Export beer! They call it heavy in Scotland! Fruity and full of Flavour. And as always at our bargain prices!

They make lovely beer in Scotland, Geordie Scottish export beer kit is a stunner! Full and foaming with a gorgeous head. Home brew beers the Scottish way! Enjoy a pint of heavy!

Geordie Mild Kit 40 Pint

A lovely Geordie  homebrew mild beer kit. Mild at a bargain price

Mild was always a penny cheaper in the vault when I was a lad.So here it is!! A penny cheaper than the Geordie bitter! As it should be! We believe in old fashioned values here at supahomebrew!

Youe Geordie mild at a cheap price and delivered fast

Winter Ale 40 Pint

The elusive and hard to find Geordie Winter ale! As always at our bargain price.
A lot of people have never seem the Geordie winter ale! Here it is at our bargain price! Enjoy it all year round not just winter.