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Cheap Home brew beginners kits!

Cheap Complete Beginners Kit for 30 Bottles Wine

A complete kit to make 30 bottles of homebrew wine!

Home made wine is cheap  good and easy!

Everything you need except sugar for 30 bottles of wine!

The cheapest price you can buy anywhere for this equipment and kit! Bargain homebrew kit for the beginner!




Beginners kit for 30 bottles of red wine

At a discount price! The cheapest beginners kit anywhere!


A bucket with airlock and bung

A red 30 bottle wine kit

A complete telescopic syphon

 A Hydrometer

A testing jar for hydrometer

A thermometer

Loads of free advice off us-- just phone us or email us!

Beginners Kit for 30 Bottles of White wine

As above but for white wine!