MAGNUM- Best selling wine kit in the World.

Magnum 30 Bottle Discounted Homebrew Wine Kits

The best Selling wine kit in the UK-No wonder they call it the big gun!! Magnum wine making kits - Home brew from Supahomebrew! And Cheap too!

The one that the supermarkets don't sell no more!! They don't like our prices!

All prices on this page are discounted! If you buy a total £60.00f anything you also get free delivery

 Magnum wine kits have been the best selling wine kit for years, We love them!

This is the cheapest kit in the UK!! If you wanted cheap magnum wine kits then here it is!

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Magnum Medium Dry White Kit 30 Bottle

Thirty bottles of wine at a great price!

It's not worth bringing it back from France at these prices

Magnum Medium Dry Red Kit 30 Bottle

The best selling red wine kit in the world! Home made wine with a great commercial wine taste! Magnum have really got it right!

And , of course it's the cheapest you'll buy anywhere!

Magnum's full bodied red wine kit. The best selling home made wine in the UK. Full bodied and cheerful. Luscious red wine.

Magnum Rose

A Rose by any other name would not be as cheap! We think it's better than most supermarket rose! This home brew wine is about 50p a bottle, fantastic value and a great taste!