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Phone 0161 480 4880 Ask for Peter 

 If you can buy our products cheaper elsewhere we will refund the difference

Please read our terms for full details.

We supply Geordie, Magnum Mondego and Essential


 We are real people in a real shop, you can phone us or call in and see us!

 We sell homebrew wine kits and accessories, we know about home brew. Especially Geordie and Magnum!

It's all we do, we don't sell anything else but things to do with homebrewing and winemaking.

We care about what we do and want you to enjoy your hobby as much as we do. If anything goes wrong or you need help please phone or email us!

 We usually deliver next working day!! Fast? You bet we are!

We only sell a few homebrew kits! Geordie, Magnum and Essential! But we're very fast at delivering and good on prices!

We are the cheapest anywhere for Magnum homebrew kits! Also the cheapes for Geordie beer kits! If you can buy cheaper then tell us!



We are Supahomebrew!

We have been trading in homebrew for 30 years, feel free to ask if you have a problem.

You can phone us on 0161 480 4880

We're happy to talk to you and give advice.


Shipping is free for any order over £60.00 in England, Wales and Southern Scotland.

Any Order under £60.00 carraige at cost to a maximum of £5.00


Beer and wine homebrew kits!

Geordie beer kits? Yes Sir!!! We have them!! You want them cheap? No problem! Would you ilike some Magnum as well?

Lots of cheap beer and wine kits. Magum , Geordie and essential! Look no further, just buy what you want for next day delivery. It's all on th eshelf and ready to go.

If you stumbled here and you want something we don't have we'd suggest you try They have everything!