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We have had to give this item it's own page.
 It's a complete andd easy to use machine that will easily distill water.
We must point out that it's illegal to distil alcohol in the UK
This water still must not be used to produce alcohol.

It plugs into the mains via a kettle lead, supplied and you just leave to distill the product.
It takes about 2 hours to produce a pint.
The charcoal filters supplied mean that the purity of the finished product is absolute!
Full instructions are supplied with the still, it's safe odourless and fast!
It's not much bigger than an electric kettle and takes  up very little room

These are perfect for making distilled water to add to our range of essences which are here
Further details of the still are also on the site as is a shopping basket facility
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Price is  £155.00 Free delivery- no further discounts on this item!!
 You can of course make alcohol at 20% from the turbo triple still yeast, this is also available at
This yeast produces a very pure alcohol which can then be fined so no unwanted products remain in the finished alcohol.

Happy Brewing!!!

still in shop
This is the still on sale in our Stockport homebrew shop. You can also see the large range of liquer and alcohol essences we keep in stock.
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There's a bit more about the still and it's many uses here

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