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263, Newbridge Lane
Cheshire SK1 2NX

We will gladly promote your festival and read your promo packs but the above address is just the venue. All mail sent there just goes in the bin. If you want to send us something in the post Email us first to see if we actually want it and we'll give you an address to send it to. 
We have no booking policy, we book people we like, or want to see. If you would like to play at the Midway you are welcome to email us.

Most people we book will be recommended by the regulars-We wish we coud book everyone but we can't ! We only book about 12 acts a year so please don't be disappointed if we don't book you! You are always welcome at our singers nights !


Every Monday start 8.30--The Folk Club is Closed Bank Holidays

(The pub is open Bank Holidays if you fancied a meal!)

midway tavern folk club

You can also dine at the Midway's renowned restuarant phone 0161 480 2068
Or look at the website  here   www.themidway.co.uk/

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You're welcome to come along and sing, play or recite!

Your residents: Peter Hood, Lynda Edwardes, Anne Yates, Peter Fox, John Keighley, Stuart Cook, John Ashurst.
 Grant Baynham and Chris Baker

We're in the room downstairs at the back! It's large and comfy. Overlooks the river and we have a riverside veranda for sunny evenings.The room is ideal for our occasional guest evenings, it seats seventy people and everyone can get a good view of the stage area.

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Diary Dates
NEW YEAR 2014    The Big Line UP

T'website has moved, it's now updated and posh!

Our new easy web address is...  

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April 14th
Debra Cowan
One of the great singers, on tur from the States, Debra sings the songs so you know what they're all about. with a passion and a feeling, you're sucked into her world, her songs, all the songs are written by other people but she makes them her own. Every song becomes a  gem and you understand what the original songwriter meant.
Her CD Fond Desire Farewell has become an essential part of everyones collection...You don't own it? Why not?
Listen to a track here   http://music.debracowan.com/track/alcohol  then come and see her live!
If you order tickets we will have a list and you will be able to collect on the night
Debra Cowan

Tickets 8.00

May 26th Jackie Oates
Jackie plays fiddle, sings and is the highlight of any festival or concert, she is amazing, simply amazing.
Traditional and defining her own path , hugely entertaining, filled to bursting with a huge talent and enthusiasm.
She's a folk mego star and  a legend.
There's no messing about, from the first song she grips you and doesn't let go until the concert is over, you wake up next day wanting more, you're a Jackie Oates addict and there's no going back.
Buy tickets early, it's going to be a busy night!!!

Jackie Oates!
Tickets 10.00

JUne 16th Archie Fisher
Arhie Fisher--2014 is legends year at The Midway, Archie Fisher, one of the originals of the folk revival,
His songs have been recorded by Fairport, John Rebourn and the list just gos om and on...
We saw him at Whitby last year and were absolutey knocked out, a great presence and lovely lovely man.
He just sits there and the songs pour like Scottish heather honey, you're hooked, every word, line and rhyme..

Tickets 9.00

October  Grant Baynhams and Friends Charity GAla
All proceeds to charity, highlight of the year... Who will it be this year? W|e never know .....
It is fantastic though and last year sold out.....
Tickets 10.00

October 20th John Connolly
tickets 8.00

NOvember 10th James Keelaghan and Huw McMillan
Tickets 9.00

DEcember 8th Julie Felix

Tickets 10.0

T'website has moved, it's now updated and posh!

Our new easy web address is...  

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A Nice shot of the inside of the club!!

midway folk clubQuicksilver--

Grant Baynham and Hilary Spencer
Live at the Midway Folk Club

Singing on the Terrace!! Midway Folk Club 2009!!
midway foilk club


More dates to be confirmed

All the rest singers/open mike nights where everyone is welcome to perform


Past performers at the club                     

   Brian Peters-   Only Performer to play four times at the Bull!
Waterson /Carthy/Parkinson

<> Martin Simpson
<>    His Worship and the Pig
Nelson Peach

Shep Wooley
Gordan Tyrell
Richard Grainger
Queensbury Rules
Tom Paley
Jeff Warner
Debbie Mc Clatchey
Martin Carthy
Roy Bailey
Witches of Elswick
Joe Topping Band
George Papavergeris
Toni Bunnel
Pete Coe
Debra Cowan
Jon Harvison
Mary Humphries and Anahata
Sandra Kerr
Gina Le Faux
Jez Lowe
Tom Mc Conville
Fore and Aft
Three Sheets to the Wind
Bruce Klimek and Eddie Hogg
Tom Lewis
Bill Caddick
Ken Pearlman
Anthony John Clarke-
Steve Turner
Loct up Together
Nelson Peach
Grace Notes
Andy Clarke
John Kelly
Bernie Parry

And every night was brilliant!!