Buy Beaverdale White and Rose 30 Bottle Kits

The House of Beaverdale 30 Bottle white and rose wine range

Everyone a winner, everyone a gorgeous drink!

Beaverdale Chardonnay 30 Bottle White Wine Kit

The best selling white wine we have! Beaverdale Chardonnay

The worlds greatest   wine . Full bodied but not too heavy, light but not wishy washy.

We love Chardonnay and make this all the time.

Beaverdale Sauvignon Blanc 30 Bottle White Wine Kit

House of Beaverdale have found a great source for their Sauvignon Blanc, it's superb

A  grapey taste and a light refreshing wine. We know all wine is made of grapes but you seem to taste the grape more in Sauvignon Blanc

Often used in Bordeaux wines, nice grapey taste and a full flavour. Popular with red wine drinkers as well as white! 

Beaverdale Pinot Grigio 30 Bottle White Wine Kit

House of Beaverdale Pinot Grigio - 30 bottles of the popular white

A dry crisp refreshing white. Popular everywhere! It's not got that bitterness that Chardonnay can have. It's a bit lemony and a bit zingy. We love PinotGrigio!

We have to admit there's actually not much we don't love if it comes in a wine bottle.

Beaverdale Californian White 30 Bottle White Wine Kit

30 Bottles of Californian White From Beaverdale

Sunshine and a day on the Californian Beach in every bottle! Taste the high life of the West Coast, a medium white wine with a fruity finish!

Uses the Chenin grape  which leaves a slight sweetness in the wine for  a big flavour

Beaverdale Gurwertztraminer 30 Bottle White Wine Kit

30 Bottles of Gerwurtztraminer German style white wine

What is it? We can't even pronounce it! We call it Gertie and it's a German wine with that gorgeous grapey taste and medium body and sweetness.

Sort of a very posh Blue Nun or Piesporter but with 12% alcohol, go on tryit! You know you want to!

A reddish colured grape that gives a  medium sweet  full flavoured white wine. It's typically German and you need to try it

Beaverdale White Burgundy 30 Bottle White Wine Kit

30 Bottles of White Burgundy Beaverdale

White Burgundy as white as you can go without it being a red, if you understand what I mean!

Full bodied and dry, robust and with a steadiness that only comes with the great wines.

Perfect with chips or anything!

Beaverdale Chardonnay Semillon 30 Bottle White Wine Kit SORRY NO STOCK UNTIL END OF JUNE

30 Bottles of House of Beaverdale Chardonnay Semillon

The best of two worlds, Chardonnay and Semillon!

If you had two children you could call them Chardonnay and Semillon and they would be a perfect pair!

Well it works for the wine!!