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Winemaking Guide

Beaverdale wine kits Guide to Better Wine making  

Type of Kit

There is no doubt at all about it, the little bit more you pay the much better the wine and, it  certainly the case with any home brew wine kit bought from us at beaverdale wine kits.   The amount of grape juice  in a beaverdale   kit is also an idea of how good a kit it is. The more  the grape juice in the kit then the better the result will be. Also, it's the type of grape juice in the wine kit   that adds to the quality of the wine. There are lots of  different types of wine kit that we can recommend with total confidence. There is as much   choice of grape varieties (Chardonnay, Merlot, Shiraz etc) and wine styles (Liebfraumilch, Beaujolais, Australian Reserve etc) in our Wine Kits as you could buy in the supermarket  


House of Beaverdale: Its the most popular and longest established range of good quality wine kits. The popularity of beaverdale just keeps on rising! Made from good quality grape concentrate it gives the best results. The special bags used in the  packaging allow the product to be totally fresh - all 7.5 litres in every 30 bottle pack. ABV is 12% and the best  drinking time for whitesis 3-12 months,for reds it's 6-18 months. These make Beaverdale the UK's best selling sugar inclusive wine kit.

As with all   home brew kits it's important to realise that the biggest improvement is in the   first four weeks being made. It'slows down over the next few months.  we strongly recommend to you Beaverdale kits , don't be passed off with inferior (cheaper!!) products, it's  not worth it. Remember you'll   have   30 bottles, and when you work out the price difference per bottle, is it really worth it? The time to make and the and bottling time is   the same. Work it out! the cost per bottle of your wine kit.  is only £1.50 per bottle.

Pick  out your favourite wine style and buy it! this will  ensure you enjoy your homemade beaverdale wine.There is as much a choice of grape varieties (Chardonnay, Merlot, Shiraz etc) and wine styles (Liebfraumilch, Beaujolais, Australian Reserve, Port, Sherry etc) from Wine Kits as there is  from the off licence! 

Sterilisation and Cleaning

It is very  important that all your home brewing equipment    is clean and sterilised. If it's not then the wine can become infected and atste off, you could probably drink it but it could bebetter.   Don't use bleach or sodium metabisulphite, they are not good for  sterilisation and can leave bad after tastes. Most sterilisers need rinsing after use with clean water. It's very  important to do this 

Temperature and wine

Most homebrew makers suggest  a temperature in their instructions which is  a bit  too high. This is normally because if it's hotter than you need then  not much can go wrong - except it ferments out too quick. However, we have proved   that if you can maintain a lower constant temperature of around  17-20 degrees Celsius (63-68F) then in the long run, your wine will certainly taste a lot  better. Why don't the beaverdale wine kit manufacturers say  this in their instructions? Well, for the same reasons we give  above,   people are too impatient. They want everything yesterday, we're all the same . Us Included. So if you can maintain a constant (it's shouldn't really be too hot one minute or overly cold the next) temperature  the wine will be better


We are always being asked what difference can water make to your beaverdale wine kit ? Let us think about it for just a minute. Would you ever drink water that wasn't clean and bright? Well, why not use the cleanest best water you can with the wine? We would always suggest that you run it through a water filter to take away any impurities. If you hdon't have one, then boil it. Failing that taste it first and if it's ok  (not full of chlorine or funny tatses) then use it. If it's no good or tastes funny then don't do it today try and do it another day.

Transfer and Syphoning

Through a lot of  research we have   found that it is better t to transfer the homemade beaverdale  wine when the gravity reaches 1010- 1015 We would suggest  the first  fermentation is done using in a clean container with a large open neck like a bucket. A bucket is ideal or alternatively a big fermenter with a large open top  . The big advantage of this is that   it allows the carbon dioxide gas  given off while the wine ferments  to escape, and release itself from the wine quickly  . Secondly, the much larger surface area of the bucket  lets  the yeast  grow more gradually (creating less frothing and foaming  problems). This is  a big help  when it comes to degassing and clearing the wine . The carbon dioxide is not trapped or jheld in the beaverdale  wine. The big  advantage of ta transferof the iwne at 1010, is that it removes the wine from the old  dead yeast cells on the bottom. If the wine has some oak chippings or elderflowers in it  then this also drops to the bottom of the container.Its  then much easier with to clear and filter the wine c 

the finish gravity) can take some time, and the wine does benefit from glass. There is also less chance of infections. Whilst it's exciting making your wine, don't spend all your time looking to see what's happening, keep the lid on!. Don't keep opening the fermenting  container, this can  destroy  the clever blanket of carbon dioxide gas that protects  the wine from oxidation and contamination.

Degassing-What is it!?

Lots of people e ask why you need  remove the carbon dioxide from the finished wine. If the wine is left  long time enough of the gas will come out naturally, but in the case of home-made we often want to drink it quicker! You can   shake the fermentation  until this is all gone. It is very hard to clear the wine with the finings until this is done properly. You can buy  a "Ritchie" degasser which will make this very easy.  The degasser will  fit easily  onto any battery power drill and  stirs the wine well and fast 
It makes this  messy job nice and easy.