Ye Olde Vic band have a risk assessment and public liability insurance for public performance

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Here we are leaving the recording studio...Left to right
Ed , Julian, Will, Joe, Helen, Tom, Lynda, Bill, Helen, Fran, Baz, Peter, Rob.

We are the World Famous!  Ye Olde  Vic Band!!

A group of musicians who love English Dance Music
Melodeon, Banjo,  Whistles, Recorders, Guitars, Concertina, Trombone and Drum!
You can see us every 2nd and 4th Wednesday at
Ye Olde Vic
Chatham St
Edgeley Stockport
You're very welcome to join us and play along at Ye Olde Vic, it's an open session!!

Download The "Ye Olde Vic Band"  Tune Book

The book is 30 pages if you print it out!
If you join us on a Wednesday you're welcome to play your own tunes of course!!
Peter Hood on 0161 480 4880  or 07971788015
We are available for Ceildhs ,Barn Dances, Farmers Markets and anywhere you need the big sound of a good time band!
Ye Olde Vic band have ar risk assessment and public liability insurance

There's clips of us playing here  


The famous duet for tie and beard performed by Ye Olde Vic Banned--Soloists Jolly Jock and Peter Hood
Here we are performing at Stockport and  posing with Labour MP Anne Coffey!

In this line up there's Will Wright on Fiddle, Lynda Edwardes on Concertina, Fran Early on Whistle, Bas Rennick on Melodeon, Peter Hood (Our Leader!! Swoon Swoon!) On Banjo, Old Joe Brindley on Melodeon, Bill The Fiddle on Fiddle and Bill Philipps on Guitar!
Missing on this day but usually present are Helen Proudfoot on Recorders, Tom Hornby On Melodeon, Helen Hamilton on Fiddle, Rob Fawcett on Guitar and Jolly Jock On the Slide Trombone!
So what is English Country Dance Music? It's the tunes from Barn Dances Ceildhs and Morris Dancing! Music that people like to dance to, it can be a waltz or a polka but most of all it's the Hornpipe!
We love hornpipes! Those kind of steppy jumpy tunes that sound like the seaside, full of rhythm and fun! It's a hornpipe for us every time!!
We are also known as Ye old vic band -- just to confuse things....also Ye Olde Vic Banned  also The Olde Vic Band---In fact we should have chosen a name which was easy to remember and you couldn't mispell like The Poatoes or something!
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